Astra Rent is part of the Vlachodimos Group, which operates in the Services, Commerce and Consulting sectors.

As we maneuver between different sectors we are able to know and understand the need of every professional, but also of the individual and to offer the best possible solution for every transportation need, and not only.

The main pillars on which the group’s activities are based, are:

  • Van and car rental (Short-term and Long-term Lease)
  • Residential and Commercial Premises for Rent (Short-Term and Long-Term Lease)
  • Marketing of General Consumer Products
  • Consulting – Brokerage

The group offers complete and innovative solutions that meet the needs of each customer at all times and continues to innovate by constantly offering new services. With the new Astra Rent van and car rental channel, we are ready to serve every need.

Vision and Values

Astra Rent ​​reflect the philosophy, reflect the character and reflect the best elements of the Group.

  • INTEGRITY:The Vlachodimos Group as well as the company Astra Rent act honestly, respect the needs of its customers, provide advice, accept constructive criticism and admit any mistakes or omissions. It demands the highest ethical standards and the highest quality in the services provided.
  • RESPECT FOR HUMAN BEINGS: The human factor is the driving force of the group’s success and she is proud of the respectable and dignified behavior she has shown to her staff throughout her career.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE:Astra Rent always aims to continuously improve its performance, carefully studying the results of its work and taking care not to jeopardize its integrity and respect for people.
  • TEAMWORK: The concept of teamwork is a key pillar of support for the corporate culture of the group. That is why the group believes that in order to strengthen the trust between colleagues, it is important that knowledge, ideas and experiences are shared.