General Terms of Rent

  • GUARANTEE: For rentals in Greece, upon receipt of the car, a guarantee amount will be committed on the driver’s credit / debit card, which will be returned as it is at the end of the rental, unless other charges arise. The release of the amount can take up to 14 days depending on the issuing bank of the card. The amount of the guarantee varies by car category.
  • MONTHLY RENT: Prepaid rent in case of monthly rent
  • INSURANCE: Mixed insurance.
  • DISCLAIMER: The tenant’s liability for damage or theft to a rented vehicle can be limited, provided that the K.O.K. is not violated, to the minimum charge of € 1200.
    Up to € 1200 is charged to the tenant, above the above amount it is covered by insurance.
  • KILOMETER USE: 150 km / day. Additional kilometers charge: (0.20 minutes / km)
  • DRIVER AGE: 24 years and older, with a driving license date of at least 1 year before renting.
  • METHOD OF PAYMENT: For all categories the tenant must present a credit / debit card accepted by Astra Rent to cover the amounts related to the guarantee and the payment of the rental cost (for unpaid reservations or for reservations with cash guarantee).
  • OVERSEAS LEASE: Only with prior written approval of Astra Rent.
  • SHIP TRANSPORTATION: Only with the prior written approval of Astra Rent. No insurance will cover any damage that will be caused to the rental car during its transport.
  • FUEL POLICY: The customer must return the car with the tank fully full. In case the vehicle is returned without having refilled the fuel in the tank in addition to the charge that will be from the refill from us, there is an additional fuel service charge which amounts to 16 €.
  • FINES AND INFRINGEMENTS: All fines and administrative penalties arising from the driver’s fault are fully borne by the lessee.
  • ADDITIONAL DRIVER: Daily charge € 5 for each additional driver.
  • ACCIDENT FILE EXPENSES (IAF): The driver is charged € 30 + VAT in case of accident, regardless of fault as well as in case of a fine resulting from a violation of the KOK. This amount is non-refundable.
  • CHILD SEATS: Available only after booking and with a charge of € 4.5 per day.
  • SNOW CHAINS: Available only after booking and with a charge of € 8 per day.
  • RECEIPT-DELIVERY: Each collection / delivery is charged € 14 within the city. Outside the city, the charge will be an additional 1.20 € / km. Charge for each delivery or receipt after opening hours, 23 €.
  • CHARGE FOR DELIVERY AT THE AIRPORT: In all the airports of the country it is 6% except the airport of Athens “EL. VENIZELOS “, in which the charge is 13%. The above percentages are calculated on the total, before taxes and fuel charges. Provided for rent for more than 30 days.
  • ROAD ASSISTANCE: Provided with 24-hour service.
  • Company Details : ΥΠΕΡΧΟΝΔΡΙΚΗ ΒΑΛΚΑΝΙΩΝ ΙΚΕ ΑΦΜ : 801188723 ΔΟΥ ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ ΑΡ. ΜΗΤΕ 0725Ε81000070701